Now that the music festival industry has become more and more saturated, some festivals are figuring out more ways to stand out from the generic festival lineup. Choosing a unique and special location for a festival is the best way to explore new places, music, and people. From beautiful islands to quaint towns and hilltop havens, here are some new places you can try out for some festival fun:

Your Next Festival Travel Destinations
Your Next Festival Travel Destinations
  • Blijdorp Winter Festival

This previous Van Nelle Factory was constructed in 1931 and is one of the world’s greatest tributes to International Style architecture. Popularly known as the most gorgeous spectacle in the modern era, the building pays homage to the unlimited potential of the human existence. This makes it a great locale for an EDM festival.

  • Meadows In The Mountains

When considering some of the most beautiful places to hold a festival in the world, Meadows In The Mountains stands out 850 meters above the sea in the Rhodope Mountains. Relaxing to gorgeous grooves while seeing the light dim over the valley while the sun sets under the cover of beautiful hills is definitely a unique experience.

  • G! Festival

Held in town of Syðrugøta situated up north in the Faroe Islands, the G! Festival something of a unique experience when it comes to festivals. A tight-knit connection with the festival unites the whole community at the festival, providing music, food, and entertainment for your pleasure throughout the whole event.

  • Into the Valley

Dazzling cannot begin to describe how overwhelming the Into the Valley setting really is. Set inside a previous limestone quarry, it stands out from other typical urban events generally connected with underrated house and techno. Also, even though the event takes place in a large and inclusive community, Into the Valley still manages to give you the close community vibe you may be looking for.

  • Electric Castle

Hosted at the Banffy Castle, which is the largest in Transylvania, Romania, this festival takes over every space of the grounds of the vast castle, including the lakes and the stables. After some damage, it endured in World War II and as well more fire damage, later on, the castle gets the festival profits to help support its restoration, which makes it a strong festival hotspot for the community.

  • Mission Folk Music Festival

This festival was started in 1988 and has since then evolved into one of the best performing arts festivals in Canada, presenting up-start local and BC musicians and hosting both famous and underrated international artists to the Fraser Valley.

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