As the name suggests, the chicken festival is all about chicken. Individuals from all around the globe come to attend this festival as it embraces countless attractions and means of entertainment for people of all ages.

The main attraction of this event is the world’s largest skillet, which comprises of a ten feet diameter and has served one lac twenty thousand delicious fried chicken dinners since 1992. Apart from this, there are hundreds of different kinds of chicken dishes, games for children and adults alike, food eating competitions, and beautiful music.

To become a part of the chicken festival as a seller and not as a buyer you have to do a little planning first. Before going to the list of foods you can serve, the main topic is the availability of chicken. Research has shown that during the festival season, prices of chicken increase. If you buy chicken at higher prices, you might have to lower the expectations of your profit, and if you buy them at a lower price and store it, there is a high likelihood all the chicken will go rancid and you lose your money.

Things You Can Make at Your Stall on The Chicken Festival

What you can do in this regard is to keep chickens at home and prepare them for the festival. For this, you have to buy an egg incubator as letting the mother chicken hatch her own eggs might turn out to be a slow and inefficient process. The magicfly incubator is one of the best egg incubators in the market. A simple and easy to use digital egg incubator lets you enjoy the task of getting the chicken eggs hatch.

If you do not own a farm and just want to prepare your chickens for the festival, the magicfly incubator is perfect for you. It can accommodate twelve eggs at one time and is full of different features. The success rate of magicfly egg incubator is quite high. It is completely automatic; the eggs are automatically turned inside. The incubator is made of high-quality material, and it is quite durable.

The magically egg incubator has automatic temperature control, which sets the premium temperature for eggs to hatch according to the environment outside. After accommodating twelve eggs, it has enough space for the eggs to hatch. The magicfly guarantees you a fun and successful way to hatch eggs at your home.

After you have planned the process of getting the required amount of chicken for the festival, you can go to deciding what kind of food you can serve to the folks.

Fried chicken, tender pops, nuggets, et cetera are very common chicken dishes served at these festivals, to reduce the risk of loss of money you should go for things that are rarely served at festivals like these.

Some of the options you can evaluate are:

  • Chicken shashlik sticks:

This is an Asian dish, which embraces the perfect blend of spices, chicken, and vegetables. It hardly requires fifteen minutes to prepare after the chicken has been marinated and the vegetables have been cut.

Furthermore, shashlik sticks can be served cold as well as hot; it depends on your choice. These sticks go perfectly with rice.

  • Chicken pot pie:

This is a very old yet delicious dish liked by everyone. The chicken is cooked in chicken broth along with vegetables and herbs that give it a unique flavor.

You can serve it in small ramekins, which will give your dish a cute and unique look.

  • Chicken chili with rice:

Chicken chili is a widely liked Chinese dish served with rice. It is a very spicy but scrumptious dish. In this dish, the chicken is cooked along with jalapenos and served with or without gravy. The rice served with chicken chili can be boiled, but egg fried rice compliments the dish better.