Have you ever attended a festival? You are sure to find all manner of entertainment and even some games. Festivals are not just aimed at adults as everyone is invited and free to join in. As we all know, children are easily bored and it’s necessary for them to feel a part of the festival experience. However, there are always games that you’ll find hidden away in a quiet corner or two at a festival. Do you know what games are usually there at festivals?

Hook a Duck

Universally, this is the one game that is found at carnivals and festivals alike! You cannot go anywhere without this old game and, while it’s very simple, it remains very popular. Usually there are small prizes to be won. Every duck will be marked with a prize number or letter and, when it is picked, the prize that goes with it is handed over to the contestant. This is a fun game and not just one for the children either – adults too can have fun with this game. Hook a duck and you never know what you could win.

Pop a Balloon

The idea of this game is amazingly easy and one which is widely loved. You pin playing cards to a board and attach balloons via sticky tape and the players attempt to burst the balloons with a dart. If the balloon bursts then the player wins a prize. This game is quite a popular one found at festivals and you can easily keep the prizes low in order to get more customers too. Festivals that draw younger visitors are surely to have the game ‘pop a balloon’.

Apple Bobbing

During fall, especially the months of September and October, apple bobbing is extremely popular. You are going to find this game at a festival and its super fun. A large tub is filled with water and apples placed into it also (they will float); and the contestants have to grab an apple in their mouths. If they are successful they get the apple, if not, well its still lots of fun. You get a face full of water, but it is fun! Check out this link for more informations: http://www.wikihow.com/Bob-for-Apples

Spin the Wheel

You’ll always find a spinning wheel somewhere at a festival and it’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone. Spin the wheel draws people and the chances to win a prize are high. You pick out a number and if it lands on the right one you can earn a prize. Spin the Wheel is a simple game and one which is extremely popular at festivals worldwide.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Games

Festivals are full of fun! You have dozens of concerts to view, lots of stalls to visit and lots of games to play! There is never a dull moment at a festival and when the next festival rolls around you are sure to find a few games too. What games do you like? Why not try a few of the games and see how successful you are at these games?