Having a pet is a full-time responsibility like having a child as you have to take care of each and everything related to them. Your pets are completely dependent on you for food and for other necessities of life.

Animals living in the wild have instincts that help them survive by finding food and water, but our pets have weak instincts due to the fact that they get everything prepared.

If you plan to go somewhere for a longer period of time for example, if you decide to go on a three-day festival, you have to make sure that your pet has all the essentials handy and there is someone available to check on them. Some of the things that can help you take care of your pet even if you are not around are:

Automatic wet food feeder:

Feeding your cat twice or thrice a day is very necessary for their growth, nourishment and proper digestions. If you are not around, feeding them twice or thrice can become very difficult but thanks to automatic wet food feeder, this problem is no more a problem.

All you have to do is fill food feeder with food once and the rest will be done by the feeder. It is programmable, customizable, easy to use and durable. these feeders are a solution to all your problems, not only you can adjust the time frame at which you want to feed your cat, but you can also manage the portion of food your cat gets.

Unlike food dispensers, these automatic feeders don’t provide food access to your cats and dog at all times. Rather it opens up and provides the required portion of food for a certain time and then closes the lid on its own. Most of these automatic wet food feeders are battery operated. You can find many automatic cat feeder for wet food that works perfectly well for both cats and dogs.

They are equipped with an LCD screen that displays the notifications and battery percentage as well. Most of the cleaners are white in color which helps in the easy visibility of the food. The best part is that they can be cleaned easily and kept hygienic without having to rub and clean vigorously.

These cleaners are perfectly workable, but you will have to introduce your pet to them before you go or they will have a hard time finding their food.

Talk to a friend or neighbor:

No matter how friendly your house environment is and how you have taken care of all your pet’s needs, checking on them every day is absolutely necessary. They might hurt themselves or eat something they are not supposed to eat which can result in severe health problems. Moreover, dogs need a few minutes of walk every day. For this, you can talk to a friend or neighbor to check on your pets every day and check if they are fine. Also filling the automatic feeder will be needed. The same friend can do that for you.

Water dispenser:

Access to clean water is important as most cats will dehydrate themselves but will not touch a day-old water. So, having a water dispenser for cats is important. Dogs don’t fuss on water but using a dispenser for them is also a good practice. Water dispensers are not at all expensive and are very easy to use. All you have to do is fill the bottle of the dispenser and it will keep the bowl full at all times.

There is no programming required. It is a simple process, as much water as the cat or dog drinks, the same amount of water is then replaced in the bowl.