Festivals are memorable for all those who attend them. From spending time with friends and families, enjoying the company of new people, and partying all night with good food and music, it’s only natural to want to document and share your experiences with your followers and subscribers. YouTube is the perfect platform to share those experiences to voice your thoughts and opinions as well as profit as a business through your channel name.

If you’re not used to vlogging, there must be certain things that could worry you. What camera should you use? What’s the best thing to vlog? How should you go about it? What’s the best way to gain viewership on YouTube? Here are some vlogging tips to help you get the most form your festival experiences:

How to Vlog Your Festival Experiences on Youtube
How to Vlog Your Festival Experiences on Youtube

Get the right camera

Vlogging doesn’t require any expensive or specific machinery. Keep in mind that carrying around heavy and expensive equipment around a large public festival area is going to be quite bothersome. You can make the best vlog using just your phone or a simple camera. However, it’s still best to get the best video quality for your vlog, so try to use phones and cameras from well-known and reliable brand names like Apple and Sony. You can choose cameras that come equipped with stabilizers, or get easy hand-held stands or stabilizers that are portable and easy to use so you get the most out of your footage. All of these can be bought in affordable ranges so that you invest in the best festival vlog.

Know your angles

Festivals can be exhausting and fast-paced. You may miss specific opportunities to vlog in your fatigue or excitement. You can also be unaware of different lighting and landscape issues that can make your vlog seem sketchy or broken. It’s best to be aware of what you’re recording. Know the perfect angles to shoot scenarios or portraits. Get small lighting cases and stands that can be used as you vlog. Be sure to vlog more important moments of the festival so as not to elongate your videos and lose your audience’s interest.

Know your platform

Finally, to make sure your vlog is viewed on your channel, you should know the YouTube platform and algorithm perfectly. If you want a YouTube expert opinion, KRANU is your best option. The site offers valuable and effective YouTube tips, tricks, guidelines and online services that help your channel boom and grow so that you’re able to benefit from profits and get your blogs seen by the masses. The site allows you to use services like.

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