Music events are always magical. Everybody wants to dance to the beat. The feel and the atmosphere that music creates is very pleasing. Thus, for planning a musical festival you must keep in mind that it should not be boring. There must be activities for all kind of individuals. The beat and music level must be loud enough so everyone could hear it properly.

Organising a music event is a daunting job. You need a lot of time for planning. You must have some space; it could be a farmhouse, a fancy house’s backyard, or an open space. Next main thing is the arrangements. It is not a one-man job. You need to build up a team. Gang up with your friends and divide the tasks. You will be needing a lot of technical equipment like lights, Dj system, speakers, et cetera.

Folks always look more than just music and fun in a musical festival. So, you must keep these things in mind while organizing a musical festival:

Find a suitable location

Location is the first and foremost thing you must decide before planning a party. Now the location must not be uptown area because music festivals usually last till late in the night and it might disturb neighbors. Go for an open arrangement in a park or in some open space. The farmhouse is always a good idea because farmhouses are usually away from the city and they have open spaces where an entire party can be set up.

Plan out the budget

Before anything, check your budget, and then plan everything accordingly. Write down the expenses so you may not exceed your budget.

Set up the stage

Set up the stage, it is very important for a musical event. A stage is the center of attention for the audience and people love to enjoy music and gather around the stage to enjoy the festival.

Approach artist

Artists make the event alive. Try to approach artists so folks may be attracted towards the event.

Food stalls

Party is incomplete without food. Do not forget to set up food stalls.

Get the right musical equipment

Music is the heart of the festival. So you must get the right equipment for it. Apart from the DJ system music, there must be live rocking singing performances that brighten up the festival. You might require to hire some bands or artists who are really good at it.

How To Organise Your Own Music Festival
How To Organise Your Own Music Festival

For ensuring the quality of the music you must make sure that the sound is right and for this, you need to buy good quality equipment.

You do not need to buy a lot of musical instruments and just 4 to 5 basic stuff will be good enough to make the festival great. Go for electric guitars and drum kit.

The drum kit is the basic necessity of any music event now you must make sure that you buy best drum sticks. There are different types of drumsticks for different applications like for a street, orchestra, and band applications. For music festival prefer the drumsticks that are suitable for band applications.

Next thing is the material of the drumsticks. Most of the drumsticks are made up of wood. The type of wood these are made up of, decide the beat these produce. For instance, hickory drumsticks are suitable for absorbing shocks; Maple drumsticks allow you to play fast and lower volume beats. Tips of the drumsticks are of significant importance, each type of tip gives a different type of tones. Round-tipped drumsticks give a focused sound, nylon tips produce brilliant and distinct sound, olive-shaped tip gives a variety of tones and triangular tips give medium focused tone.

Best picks for drumsticks are

  • Classic 5A Vic Firth American Drum Sticks
  • Nylon Black Drumsticks Zildjian 5B
  • Musician’s Gear Assorted Colors and Styles – Hickory 20-Pack