Whether your preferred festivals are music or renaissance, it often means you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors. This can include hours in the hot sun, exposure to the elements, and being fairly active. While it is easy to be distracted by all of the fun, it is important to keep an eye out for your health while you enjoy the entertainment. To help make sure you aren’t putting yourself in unnecessary risk, follow these festival tips.

Going to a Festival? Mind Your Health

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Music festivals can have your dancing the day and night away, and renaissance fairs include numerous outdoor events and shows. Since you are maintaining a level of activity, often while being under a hot summer sun, keeping yourself hydrated in important.

The first key to proper hydration is to consume enough water. This is even more critical in cases where you may be partaking in alcohol or certain other recreational substances. Dehydration can lead to serious health concerns, including death. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, make sure you regularly take the time to have some water.

Wash Your Hands

When you are sharing facilities with a large crowd, you are likely going to be exposed to more viruses and bacteria simply by being there. While the consequences of exposure are often the acquisition of a basic illness, like the cold or flu, it is possible to become infected with something more serious.

Make sure to wash your hands after using the restroom to provide a level of protection. You may also want to bring hand sanitizer to use before eating or when interacting with shared items. Be aware of what you touch, and avoid touching your face unnecessarily to decrease the likelihood of being infected with certain viruses or bacteria.

Watch Your Footing

Since many of these events are held in wide open spaces, you often find yourself walking directly on the ground instead of across a floor. This means you are more likely to move across uneven surfaces, which may increase your chances of strains or sprains. A divot can easily lead to a twisted ankle or knee, can cause a fall, or may result in more serious injuries. Be aware of where you are stepping to help avoid surprise tumbles and the injuries that go with them.

Use Sunscreen

Being outdoors all day means you are getting more exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Make sure to thoroughly cover yourself with a high-quality sunscreen, and reapply every few hours based on the instructions associated with your brand of choice. Pay special attention to areas that are often missed, such as the tops of the ears, areas on the head where hair has thinned, and tops of the feet. Otherwise, cover all exposed skin on the neck and body and reapply as required.

Identify the First Aid Station

Most large festivals will have a first aid station on site. If you experience a small injury, such as a cut or scrap, they may have the supplies to help clean the wound and provide basic bandages for covering the surface of the injury. For larger accidents, they may also have access to phone or radios for reaching emergencies services in cases where cell service is spotty. They may also provide a range of emergency first aid techniques such as CPR while waiting for medical professionals and can help capture any information that may be useful to emergency personnel. You can note any medical insurance you may have (such options as this medical insurance Florida company) as well as known issues such as allergies or current medications.

Make sure to note the location of any emergency services so that, should the need arise, you know exactly where to go to find help.