The most exciting part of any festival is getting ready for is, especially for girls. Choosing the right outfit, finding the best makeup look and most important coordinating with your friends. Every festival has its own theme, so keeping the theme in mind when you are choosing your look is very important.

The two things that matter the most choosing your look are your makeup and your outfit. There are several videos on YouTube that help you in creating the perfect makeup look but nobody tells you what you need to create the makeup look. This article is all about the tits bits you need to create the perfect festival look.

Getting Ready for A Festival
Getting Ready for A Festival

Makeup mirror:

Yes! I know you have a dressing table and a mirror on it. The mirror with your dressing table is not your makeup mirror, it is just a normal mirror. For makeup, you need a proper magnifying makeup mirror that helps you look flawless. In a normal looking mirror, your makeup will never look flawless as it does not show the open pores and the cake like the appearance of the foundation. Since the festivals are usually held during the day, having the perfect makeup look is very important.

Now to understand what is the best magnifying mirror? You have to look out for a few features. magnification of the mirror is very necessary so that you can have a closer look at your face and the makeup. Magnifying mirrors have magnifications from 1x to 10x.

10x means your face will be magnified 10 times. Hence, before choosing the correct magnification for yourself, try out the mirrors to see what works best for you.

Some magnifying mirrors come with inbuilt light effects as well, they either have LEDs or fluorescent bulbs. Definitely, mirrors with built-in lights are expensive but if it is out of your league you can always place your mirror under good natural light and it will be ideal for getting ready.

You can also find two in one mirror, they have a normal mirror at one side and a magnifying mirror on the other side. Another thing that matters in these mirrors I the radius of the mirror. The larger the radius, the more it costs and the more clarified image.

These mirrors usually come in round shape but have various sizes, types, and qualities. Finding one is a reasonable price is not at all difficult.


How chic does the white henna tattoos look on your under the eye of on the temple area? any festival look is incomplete without slight designing on your face but how are you supposed to arrange them when you only decide your look one day before the festival. Fortunately, there is a solution to this, there are sticker tattoos available on the market, online as well as at tattoo stores.

These tattoos replicate the white henna design and come in a number of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can even find ones with glitter and unicorn colors on it.

These tattoos are completely safe, they don’t cause any reaction and are also waterproof. So, all the sweat and water fighting won’t ruin them. The removal process of these tattoos is very easy as well. All you need to do is rub a little baby oil on it and it starts coming off.

Hair color:

Pop of color on your hair is a must during the festivals but what if you don’t want to color your hair and damage it? You can always invest in hair crayons. They don’t damage your hair and come off after just a few washes. The best part is they work on all types of hair and hair colors. So, you can experiment with them and find the perfect colorful hairstyle for the festival. These crayons are a long investment and they stay intact for the next summer festivals as well.