Are you lazy and have been postponing that workout session? Well you are not alone. According to studies, many people desire to be fit but the main problem lies on where to start. Don’t lose hope; the first step you should start with is setting your fitness goals. Goals help in giving you a direction on where to go. Once you have a goal then you can devise a way to help you achieve it and one of the ways is using the couch to 5k program. The treadmill edition basically involves the use of treadmills to make sure that you can easily achieve steady progression. With a treadmill you can easily keep track of your progress and numbers in a controlled environment where there is less distraction.

Couch To 5k Treadmill Edition
Couch To 5k Treadmill Edition

What exactly is the couch to 5k program?

If you have not been exercising and someone tells you about doing 5k, it sounds like a big joke, right? Well that is where the couch to 5k program comes in. The program has been made in a progressive way such that it is a 6 week program and the programs gets tougher with time until you are able to do your 5k. With progressing time, your endurance and running ability builds until you are ready for 5k. The program has been made with flexibility such that you have the choice of either using an app or going the old school way by using a calendar. You can choose whatever works for you so long as you are disciplined and stick to your schedule.

Who is it designed for?

When Josh Clark designed couch to 5k, he wanted to get his 50 year old mum from the couch to start running. This therefore means that it can be used by anyone to achieve their fitness goal regardless of the age and gender. Maybe if you are overweight you might have to tone down on your weight first to avoid injuring yourself. But if you are in decent shape but have been lazy to get started with exercise, then this is the right program for you.

How it works

It runs for a total of 6 weeks. Within the 6 weeks there is integration of different forms of exercise and stretching.  It will involve a full body workout then alternate from walking to running. In a week there are active days and a resting day. Two days will involve strength training of both upper and lower body, there will be running days in between and also a rest day for your muscles to heal and rebuild. When you use a treadmill, the alternate walking and running becomes much easier. A treadmill will automatically have a setting that will speed up or slow down during your set intervals.  The variation of speed will also break monotony making it more exciting to do your exercise.

The couch to 5k program will help you easily achieve your goals and achieve loads of health benefits that you might have been missing out. For more, visit