Festivals are fantastic.  It is great fun to enjoy all sorts of yummy treats, fun things to do and great things to see.  It is also great to get out with your friends for a bit of fun in the sun and you can count on plenty of smiles and laughter during these happy events.

But keeping your teeth and breath fresh, minty and healthy during festivals isn’t an easy task.  There are just too many sugary treats to try and there just aren’t enough places available for practicing personal hygiene during these fun events.

But don’t let bad breath and sensitive teeth scare you from having the time of your life. Here are a few good tips to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh and minty throughout the festival.

Care Tips for Great Teeth and Fresh Breath during Festivals
Care Tips for Great Teeth and Fresh Breath during Festivals

Visit your dentist prior to the festival

Dentists can be pretty scary but it is important to visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep your teeth in good condition.  Just before the festival is a perfect time to visit your abbotsford denturist.  You can get all of those holes and bad patches in your teeth fixed, get your teeth properly cleaned get your gums checked for diseases.  With a healthy mouth and strong teeth, you can enjoy tasty treats without having to worry about getting a terrible toothache every time you try something sweet or cold.

Consider teeth whitening

While you are visiting your dentist you might as well request a quote for teeth whitening.  Beautiful sparkly white teeth will boost your confidence tremendously and you will surely sparkle and shine on all of those selfies you capture for your social media account.

Visit your doctor and check for tonsil stones

If you still have tonsils then it might be wise to get your tonsils checked for tonsil stones.  These white stones can make your breath smell absolutely horrid.  You can also check for tonsil stones yourself in the mirror by using a flashlight.  Tonsil stones can be removed with a q-tip but you should be very careful.

Take along floss

When you are eating all sorts of treats like popcorn, hot dogs, chips and hard candies plenty of foods will get stuck in your teeth which can be terribly annoying.  Stock up on a small container of dental floss so you can keep your teeth clean with ease.

Cary minty gum

Minty gum is great for cleaning our teeth, killing bacteria, freshening your breath and for keeping your jaw busy so you won’t snack all the time.  Carry a pack of gum with you to the festival and try to chew after every meal.  This will keep your teeth healthy and will freshen your breath as you go.

Watch what you eat

Naturally, you will want to try plenty of new drinks and foods during the festival.  But try to sample foods that won’t be in your mouth for too long.  Avoid foods like lollipops and hard candy because the consistent exposure to sugar is horrible for your teeth.