Games That Are Always At Festivals


Have you ever attended a festival? You are sure to find all manner of entertainment and even some games. Festivals are not just aimed at adults as everyone is invited and free to join in. As we all know, children are easily bored and it’s necessary for them to feel a part of the festival experience. However, there are always games that you’ll find hidden away in a quiet corner or two at a festival. Do you know what games are usually there at festivals?

Hook a Duck

Universally, this is the one game that is found at carnivals and festivals alike! You cannot go anywhere without this old game and, while it’s very simple, it remains very popular. Usually there are small prizes to be won. Every duck will be marked with a prize number or letter and, when it is picked, the prize that goes with it is handed over to the contestant. This is a fun game and not just one for the children either – adults too can have fun with this game. Hook a duck and you never know what you could win.

Pop a Balloon

The idea of this game is amazingly easy and one which is widely loved. You pin playing cards to a board and attach balloons via sticky tape and the players attempt to burst the balloons with a dart. If the balloon bursts then the player wins a prize. This game is quite a popular one found at festivals and you can easily keep the prizes low in order to get more customers too. Festivals that draw younger visitors are surely to have the game ‘pop a balloon’.

Apple Bobbing

During fall, especially the months of September and October, apple bobbing is extremely popular. You are going to find this game at a festival and its super fun. A large tub is filled with water and apples placed into it also (they will float); and the contestants have to grab an apple in their mouths. If they are successful they get the apple, if not, well its still lots of fun. You get a face full of water, but it is fun! Check out this link for more informations:

Spin the Wheel

You’ll always find a spinning wheel somewhere at a festival and it’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone. Spin the wheel draws people and the chances to win a prize are high. You pick out a number and if it lands on the right one you can earn a prize. Spin the Wheel is a simple game and one which is extremely popular at festivals worldwide.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Games

Festivals are full of fun! You have dozens of concerts to view, lots of stalls to visit and lots of games to play! There is never a dull moment at a festival and when the next festival rolls around you are sure to find a few games too. What games do you like? Why not try a few of the games and see how successful you are at these games?

10 Best Festivals in Canada


If you’re visiting Canada soon you may want to attend some of the festivals. There are a variety of festivals throughout the year and they can add a touch of magic to your vacation. However, do you know which festivals are the best Canada has to offer? Read on to find ten of the best Canadian festivals.

The Toronto International Film Festival

Anyone who enjoys movies will enjoy the ever amazing Toronto International film festival. Held annually in September, the Film Festival is the one you do not want to miss. It’s a leading festival in the movie industry and you have the chance to view some of the best upcoming films too. Film buffs are certainly going to enjoy and, even if you aren’t a big fan of films, this film festival will still be very interesting.

The Calgary Stampede

Despite its name, the Calgary Stampede festival is a safe and fun event for all the family. For ten days, every July, the festival is held with a hundred and one different things to do. This cowboy themed festival is fun for everyone; but if you want a varied experience you could opt for visiting local hotspots and tourist attractions. You will enjoy how appealing this Canadian festival really is.

The Winterlude Festival

For those heading to Ottawa in early February, the Winterlude festival is the one to check out. This is a lovely winter festival and you can do everything from ice skating to enjoying the beautiful snowy scenery. You have concerts to visit and lots of the local sights and attractions to view also. There is something for everyone.

The Montreal Jazz Festival

Love jazz? You’ll adore the Montreal Jazz festival. There are hundreds of concerts throughout this ten day event and the best thing of all many of them are free which is great if you don’t have much money to spend. Also, it gets you to learn about a new age of music and enjoy something you wouldn’t normally listen to. Music lovers of all kinds the Montreal Jazz festival and it’ll be one you enjoy too.

The Celtic Colours International Festival

For nine days every October, the city of Cape Breton (which is in Nova Scotia), holds Celtic Colours – a wonderful festival. The festival is all about Celtic culture and how its music has impacted Canada and indeed the entire continent of North America. If you want to experience something new, then this is definitely the festival for you.

The Comedy (Montreal Just For Laughs) Festival

The Comedy Festival has been held annually in Montreal ever since the early ‘80s and it’s very popular indeed. For comedy lovers and those who want to experience something new, the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival is an amazing festival to be a part of and it’s very popular for comedians to attend worldwide. Comedians from around the world come to the festival and take part and that is why it’s so vastly popular.

The Vancouver Celebration of Light

The Celebration of Light is really a massive firework competition and its one festival you do not want to miss. Located in Vancouver, the festival is on for several days (or rather nights) and brings together a host of culture with fireworks! You can take part in the adventure race Seawall Challenge. Alternatively, if you don’t want to take part in the race, you can visit the food stalls and concerts instead.

The Quebec Winter Carnival

From January to February, the Quebec Winter carnival remains one of the world’s most popular festivals. In Canada, it’s a widely loved and appreciated festival, and one which sees visitors flock to from around the world. There is plenty to do here and visitors will adore what is on offer.

The Edmonton Folk Festival

If you are a cultured individual then you have surely heard of the Edmonton Folk Festival. This has been around since the 1980s and each year it has gotten stronger with a loyal following. The festival starts in August and the guests are always at the top of their game. Ticket prices aren’t too expensive either which means you can enjoy the festival without parting with too much cash.

The National Canadian Day Celebrations

On July 1st, the country comes together and remembers when it was first formed. Now, there are festivals throughout each city but in Ottawa, there is a lovely festival to check out. You can view firework shows and enjoy all Ottawa has to offer. There is never a dull moment and it’ll be a special time for everyone who attends.

Festival Fun around Every Corner

Canada is such a wonderful country and there is so much to see and do. If you happen to plan your vacation when a festival comes to town, why not join in? Festivals can be immensely entertaining and can offer everyone so much. You can learn something new and just enjoy the surroundings.